Vipassana in Sweden
Vipassana courses have been arranged in Sweden since 1992. Many 10-day courses are arranged every year. The courses are held at the Vipassana centre
Dhamma Sobhana ("Beauty of Dhamma"), which was established in February 2007. The centre is located in central Sweden, near Ödeshög, Vadstena and Linköping. 

Course Schedule for Dhamma Sobhana 
How to apply for a course
Before applying for a course, it is important to read the
Code of Discipline.
The easiest way to apply is by clicking on a date on the course schedule and filling out and submitting the form that is displayed.
Applications may also be sent by e-mail to or by regular post to Dhamma Sobhana, Lyckebygården, 599 93 Ödeshög, Sweden. Application forms are available in pdf format and text format.
Course applications cannot be accepted later than one week before the course begins, even if the course is not full.